retreading is recycling

Size and Ply Amount of Credit 5.00-5 6 ply $5.00

6.00-6, 6 or 8 ply $5.00

15x6.00-6, 6 ply, GY $5.00

7.00-6, 8 ply $5.00

6.50-8, 8 ply $5.00

6.50-10/8 ply GY or Michelin $5.00

8.50-10 8 or 10 ply $8.00

18x5.5 8 or 10 ply $8.00

**Wilkerson may accept other sizes not listed, please call for more information.

Credits or Payments

Credits or payments are given toward casings that are inspected and found to be airworthy, using Wilkerson inspection standards. No exposed fabric, weather checking or cracking is accepted. After inspection, you will receive a check or credit amount that may be used toward any purchase of either new or retreaded tires. Should you have sizes that are not listed, please call prior to shipping. You may be assessed with a disposal fee for shipping tires without prior authorization.

Guides for shipping

1. Since you pay the inbound freight to Wilkerson, please use the most economical means for shipping available to you. For smaller quantities, we suggest UPS Ground, however, for larger quantities TForce (formerly UPS Freight) is suggested.

2. On LTL trucks, tires may be palletized or shipped lose, as long as Wilkerson is written on each tire for identification. Freight bills should be marked "Used scrap rubber class 60 freight rate" for the lowest shipping cost.

3. Include a packing note with your name or company name, address and phone number. Also be sure to enclose a packing slip with instruction on whether you wish to receive credit or a payment.

4. Wilkerson receiving address:

Wilkerson Company, Inc.

1033 Church Street

Blackstone, Virginia 23824